Midbrain Courses

Mid brain Activation Course

Contestants identify colours and letters without ordinary sensory input. By using the left brain 5 senses. We have eye ball exercise, 3D Image games, Meditations, Entertainment like games & dance activities and also Brain Gym exercises that help promote overall circulatory wellness.

These exercises train the brain to work quickly and efficiently.

We then adapt our programmes to suit the individual needs of each Child. Our brain is one big neural network. Neural networks are re-wired through a process of building, re-building and re-directing brain connections. Feedback is continuously generated so we can monitor progress.

The Course

  • Total Course duration is 30 hours

  • 2 Full days morning 9 to evening 5 o’clock, (total 16 hours)

  • Rest 14 Hours will be covered in Follow up session (4 sessions)

  • Follow up session will be conducted every week