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Benefits of activating the Midbrain

After attending the workshop, all children will have different degrees of improvement in the following areas:

  • Balances right & left brain.
  • Develops blind fold reading abilities
  • Develops concentration and confidence.
  • Improves memory, concentration & creativity.
  • Makes one emotionally stable and balanced
  • Develops intuition & spirituality
  • Accelerate learning
  • Activate photographic memory
  • Promote high speed reading
  • Make early learning fun for both children and parents.
  • Develop the multiple intelligences that are now essential requisites to excel in the new millennium.

Some children can "see" within his mind so that he/she can see with eyes closed. If while guessing a color, usually the child will see a colourising based ion the color under detection


Some children have capacity of prediction by using their ears. When guessing a card, usually the card is shaked onto their ear. For example, if there's figure of a policeman, then the child will hear a sound of police whistle.


This radar lies under the nose. Usually a child willsmee the card when guessing. If guessing a color, usually he/she smells a smelling sensation, depending on its color


A child is able to radar an object. For example, a black card will taste "bitter”, whereas red color will taste "sweet" .


Some children has strong radar in feeling. When guessing, she has a very strong feeling regarding the type of the card.


This radar is usually used when coloring, as not to go outside the line. The lines on a picture when touched by one's fingers tends to raise, so that the child will be able to know the boundary lines.

Other radars

Sensation able to be felt is actually unlimited, depending on the exploration performed by the said child..For example, at loom, skin, etc.

Benefit for Parents

  • You can discover and maximize your children's unlimited potential, both in their academic and creative intelligence?
  • You can improve your children's focus and concentration so that they can be more receptive to what they learn?
  • Your children can acquire excellent social skills?
  • You can help your children to balance the usage of their Left Brain and Right Brain?
  • You can discover your children's talent and nurture it so they can excel in all areas they are interested in?
  • You can help your children to improve their memory and learn more in a shorter period of time?
  • Your children can discover their talents in sports and other interests?
  • You can "empower" your children so they can deal with "growing up" issues like choosing the right friends, handling peer pressure and overcoming frustration and disappointment in their lives?

Abilities of Midbrain Activation

  • Coloring: The children color a picture without overriding the boundary line.
  • Guess a color: The children are given small plastic Ball and asked to guess its color.
  • Guess a UNO card: The children are requested to guess a UNO card's color, Number Etc.
  • Reading a newspaper's headline. The text read is the one with large characters.
  • Walking with eyes closed. You may create obstacle using some plastic bottles and place it on the floor, making a line. The children must walk through the bottles without hitting them
  • Cycling while their eyes closed.
  • Wherever necessary, you may conduct another test based on a child's hobby like playing Cricket, basketball, table tennis, carrom board, chess game, Rubik's cube, karate and Much more.