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Methodology we use:

The unique method of improving a child's capabilities

We are using a specially modified and recognized scientific methodology which is among the most Effective midbrain activation teaching along with special advanced brain wave frequency. This helps into the development of the brain, various Intelligences, skills and it can wake up some sleeping brain Potential too.

Followings are the methods used in brain activation, and I am sure that many of you are familiar with them:

  • Proven Scientific Process

  • Involving Usage of all 5 Senses

  • Process of Meditation & Visualization

  • Using the unlimited powers of the Sub-conscious Mind

  • Stimulating Interbrain using Scientific Brain Wave Frequencies

  • Games
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Brain Gym
  • Fun Activities
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Sharing of Thoughts & Ideas
  • Brain Wave Frequencies
1. Brain gym & Brain Exercise

These gyms are already proven and acknowledged scientifically to be useful for balancing left / right brains. To make the intuition active, it absolutely needs a balance between the left and right brains, and this is achieved through brain gym and eyeball gym.

2. Positive Command

Motivation is often conducted by many institutions. Its function is to make the participant have spirit, able to destroy "mental blocks" such as low self confidence, lazy, scared, and so on. Why blindfold activation is capable for destroying "mental blocks", please look for the answer yourself, in term of scientific reviews, because this is quite general.

3. Motivational Film and Video

Here we show entertaining films, in order to make the children happy (have fun) so that their brains turn fresh. Show them also the touching and inspiring films. The purpose is to let the children have empathy to others and to teach them to be grateful for all what God hath given us. This visual teaching method is easier to adapt by a child's brain.

4. Various Games

Children will be more happy if they are encouraged using an exciting game. This game can be held in group. The suitable games can be found from internet through a keyword of “ice breaker games” or buy the related books. The games is playable indoor.

5. Music Audio Technology for Relaxation

It functions to stimulate the brain to be more concentrated, moe focused, quiet and create intuition. Scientifically, relaxing music such as classic is proven to have very good impacts against our brain. Nowadays, even the fetus is supposed to listen to classic music to calm it down. Children are actually very effective in listening to this kind of music. Scientific researches on the impacts of music against the brain have of course been published, it's proven that the application of technology is capable for establishing a super capability