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Prefrontal lobe is found to play an important role in problem solving, spontaneity, impulse control, working memory and socialization. Prefrontal lobes help in controlling, coordinating, planning, performing behavior creating personality expression and moderating social behavior. People having damaged prefrontal lobe experience problems such as having behavior disorders, difficulty in learning new information), lack of goal-direction and emotional ability with "Flat effect" (unemotional).


The frontal lobe is located behind the forehead and is the largest of the brain. The frontal lobe is very prone to injury as they are just inside the front of the skull and around rough edges. Frontal lobes are involved in decision making, selective attention, reasoning and judgement, planning, organizing, analysis, concept and idea formation, memory, handling of words and grammar and synthesis and creative thinking and visualization.


Parietal lobe is located behind the frontal lobes and integrates sensory information from various parts of the body. It is responsible for controlling activities and help to keep us from bumping into things when we talk. If damage happens to parietal lobe, it causes numbness and impairs sensation on the opposite side of the body. Back part of the parietal lobe if gets damaged, it causes right-left disorientation and problems with calculations and drawings. And, if right parietal lobe gets damaged, it can cause aphasia – an inability to perform simple tasks like brushing hair or dressing.


Temporal lobe helps in reception of hearing input. Right temporal lobe is responsible for music appreciation, while the left temporal lobe helps in understanding speech. Damage to temporal lobe results in impaired memory for verbal materials and also for non-verbal material such as music and drawings.


Occipital Lobe helps us in visual interpretation and visual spatial processing. If occipital lobe gets damaged, it can lead to discrimination of movement and color discrimination. And can cause word blindness with writing impairments (alexia & agraphia)